This well-established full-service contracting company specializes in plumbing and HVAC services for new multifamily and hotel construction. All of their business falls under the new construction umbrella. The company has roots in the community and has been consistently ranked amongst the top contractors in the region. The company has a strong customer base within their commercial construction market and continues to grow.

Their existing contracts will financially outperform the previous years and they continue to have a strong backlog and work in progress going into future years.

The sellers have been in the industry for decades and have the experience and expertise in the business that helps them separate themselves from other companies similar to them. They mainly do work in the state of Pennsylvania and Delaware but have licensing in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, Alabama, and Florida (plumbing licenses through seller/employees).

Listing Price: Market Value

  • 2023

    Revenue: $11,171,242

    Adjusted Cash Flow: $1,300,113


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Dan Wilson

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Dan Wilson, an experienced entrepreneur and IT service provider, joins Viking Mergers with a wealth of firsthand knowledge in mergers and acquisitions, aiming to guide and protect fellow entrepreneurs through the complex process of planning their exit strategies, while actively contributing to various organizations and bringing professional representation to the Raleigh, NC market.

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