• Our client is a premier Outdoor Living Space and Design/Build company that has been serving their market for the past 18 years.
  • Their customer base is predominately high-end homeowners that expect a high-quality design build process. Projects range from around $20,000 – several hundred thousand dollars.
  • The company has a production pipeline of approximately 45 projects totaling over $2.5 million in projects that are committed to or in progress. They also have a large sales pipeline of customers that they’ve presented proposals to or who are in the design process, that haven’t signed a contract or paid a deposit yet.
  • An important part of the success of the company is the strength of their team and sub-contractors. Many of their team members have been with the company for 3 years or more.  Most of their sub-contractor crews have been with them for 5 – 10 years.
  • The company has multiple team members that do project designs and proposals.
  • There were a number of initiatives put in place in 2020 that have caused sales and profits to increase significantly.
  • The owner has identified numerous potentially significant opportunities to increase sales and profit.
  • This business has been pre-qualified for a 10-year SBA loan with a $345,000 down payment.  $250,000 of working capital and a $150,000 working capital line of credit are also available.  There is no seller financing.  The SBA fee has been waived and the SBA will pay $9,000 per month of the loan payment for the first six months.
  • This is an impressive company with a great customer base and a talented, tenured team. This business will sell very quickly.

Please call Greg White at 704-561-2503 gwhite@vikingmergers.com or call Mark Urbania at 980-875-8011 mark@vikingmergers.com.

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